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ayoko nang mag sorry

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when the only light that mattered were street lights and passing cars.
Fuck, I feel so empty.

I'm stuck in this void where the only time I feel "Full" and present in this physical plane is when I'm drowning myself in music (on stage / part of the audience / in front of the computer) or when I'm with my buddies in these "I don't fucking care about the world" moments.

I miss sitting by the sidewalk with a bottle of matador in a paper bag at 3am in the morning.

I miss skating. Feeling the cold wind on my face. Wet with sweat, drunk, and the silence of the world sleeping and the whispering ramblings of the four small wheels against pavement.

I miss talking about random shit / laughing about nothing (or everything) / smiling, talking, laughing, behind the pick up that it feels so perfect it's heart-breaking.

I miss the noise at some cheap bar that slowly dies off into the break of dawn.

I miss cheap disgusting food that tastes TOTALLY AWESOME when your high.

I miss not giving a damn.

I miss picking up a 5 peso coin on the road thinking "I'm so damn lucky today".

I miss being young. I still am. But why do I feel so God damn old?

If I could talk to a dead man, the only thing I would ask him is: "what's on the other side?".

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Hi Veekuh-Muray!!! :D miss you too! :c

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