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furolocco. ask your dad

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Cable Car

DI AKO MAKATULOG!!! - random thoughts tiiiiiiiime!
The quiet, you knew, came before the storm;
like the animals in the forest before shit came down.
like some bandits are just around the corner
eager to take your gold and rape your wenches.
but sometimes, shit doesn't come down.
and your hearts pounding,
you have your blade unsheathed,
but it's just plain old silence.
There's static.
It's like the smell of lightning is in the air
but it just won't fucking rain.
Like your dog's barking at a door
no one's knocking at.
That pause that invoke expectations,
of worse or good things to come,
that's the part I despise the most.
Being in a position of readiness and helplessness.
It's high noon, you've got your guns drawn,
but the clock just won't hit twelve.
How to address the issue is the question.
What to do during those awkward pauses.
You look at your dog and think:
"I love you, but I think you're broken.
stop barking at the door please.
Come to the kitchen, and I'll give you a treat."
I am the dog and master in those pauses
and I have nothing in the kitchen to bribe myself with.

ba't ang hirap mag manage ng EVERYTHING!?!?! argh.

when the only light that mattered were street lights and passing cars.
Fuck, I feel so empty.

I'm stuck in this void where the only time I feel "Full" and present in this physical plane is when I'm drowning myself in music (on stage / part of the audience / in front of the computer) or when I'm with my buddies in these "I don't fucking care about the world" moments.

I miss sitting by the sidewalk with a bottle of matador in a paper bag at 3am in the morning.

I miss skating. Feeling the cold wind on my face. Wet with sweat, drunk, and the silence of the world sleeping and the whispering ramblings of the four small wheels against pavement.

I miss talking about random shit / laughing about nothing (or everything) / smiling, talking, laughing, behind the pick up that it feels so perfect it's heart-breaking.

I miss the noise at some cheap bar that slowly dies off into the break of dawn.

I miss cheap disgusting food that tastes TOTALLY AWESOME when your high.

I miss not giving a damn.

I miss picking up a 5 peso coin on the road thinking "I'm so damn lucky today".

I miss being young. I still am. But why do I feel so God damn old?

If I could talk to a dead man, the only thing I would ask him is: "what's on the other side?".

hello, Live Journal!
So na miss kong pakinggan EP namin kanina. So I went on youtube (kasi nanakaw ipod ko.. T_T) tas while playing some vids of some of our songs, dun ko lang napansin na.. teka.. 800++ views na pala yung ibang vids namin! tas ewan, natuwa ako na na excite kasi last time ko na check mga 100 something lang eh. hahahaha! fuck. I feel so appreciated. :)) #angdramanaman

I'm especially excited with the current line-up for Ivan Theory with April on drums and Derick on Guitar! ANG DAMING POSSIBILITIES SA SOUND!!! and finally I feel na mas stable na yung line-up na to. :D

Jam this saberdey! tas gig! :D

watch out guys! daming new songs! :D kaso baka mga next year pa matutugtog. :))

work in progress.
Let's start pretending
That the past few years never happened
That you've been with no one, went nowhere
But here
Just here.

Let's start pretending
That I was everything you dreamed of.. or needed
That I was everything you wanted..
in a man. or a girl.
Which ever you prefer

It's these pretty little lies that keep things comfortable
These petty lies that keep us sane
Well, there's nothing wrong in being truthful
Yes, there's nothing wrong in being frank
but is that what we really want to happen?

I don't believe in you, so don't you go start believing in me


Boom! there goes the BOOM!
When I'm playing with Doc, I never feel good enough. (well I never really am) but I feel so ashamed of called myself a musician around Doc. hahahaha! I just get that vibe. Last jam with La Passionaria was terrible for me. hahahaha! But na-touch ako kay Doc when he said "Arborin" ko muna daw bass niya with his bass pedal. O_O woot! fuck yeah! :D I don't have to go through the trouble of getting my Bass set up (intonation, and a new Nut thingy).

Woot! I really need to save up for a new Bass though.. :|


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